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Easter eggs, green and blacks organic

Chocolate Easter Eggs + Bunnies
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Easter spring Flowers delivered to the UK or US

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chocolate for easter delivered to the UK or US

Easter Bunny, Duck n Chicks
chocolate for easter delivered to the UK or US

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Easter CHOCOLATES treat yourself with our delicious selection

Chocolate selection
Easter CHOCOLATES treat yourself with our delicious selection

Dark, Milk and Organic Choclates.

Easter Chocolate Treats including Traditional Easter Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies and Chickens. beautiful spring flowers for Easter weekend delivered to the UK, US, Spain and Germany

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more prosaically the Easter egg tradition may have celebrated the end of the privations of Lent. In the West, eggs were seen as "meat", which would have been forbidden during Lent. Likewise, in Eastern Christianity, both meat and dairy are prohibited during the fast, and eggs are seen as "dairy" (a foodstuff that could be taken from an animal without shedding its blood). Another Orthodox tradition is the presenting of red colored eggs to friends while giving Easter greetings. This custom had its beginning with Mary Magdalene. After the Ascension of Christ, she went to the Emperor of Rome and greeted him with "Christ is risen", as she gave him a red egg. She then began preaching Christianity to him. The egg is symbolic of the grave and life renewed by breaking out of it. The red symbolizes the blood of Christ redeeming the world, represented by the egg, and our regeneration through the bloodshed for us by Christ. The egg itself is a symbol of the Resurrection while being dormant it contains a new life sealed within it. One would have been forced to hard boil the eggs that the chickens produced so as not to waste food, and for this reason the Spanish dish hornazo (traditionally eaten on and around Easter) contains hard-boiled eggs as a primary ingredient. In the North of England, at Eastertime, a traditional game is played where hard boiled pace eggs are distributed and each player hits the other players egg with their own. This is known as "egg dumping" or "egg jarping". The winner is the holder of the last intact egg. The losers get to eat their eggs. It is also practiced in Bulgaria and other countries.