Chocolate Animals & Chocolate Gifts for Easter delivered to the UK...
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For something a little different this Easter choose from our Selection of Milk and Dark Easter Chocolate Animals,Chocolate Bunnies and other Easter Animals such as Easter Chicks, Hens, Ducks, Lambs, Sheep & Bunnys

Easter Mug with Chocolate
Cute Easter Mug with Easter Egg of Milk or Dark Chocolate.
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Milk or Dark Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Easter Rabbit, Kids love a Bunny at Easter!
7.50 each

Le Fermignon, Praline Easter Chocolates
A gift box containing 5 milk chocolate, praline filled, Easter chocolates, such as a bunny, duck, lamb, sheep and a hen. Made from superior quality milk chocolate by Michel Cluizel.
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Kids Easter Chocolate Basket
A wonderful Easter basket of chocolate goodies for the kids this Easter....
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APHRODITE CHOCOLATES, Gourmet Handmade Chocolate!
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